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Richard Chen
Posted Jan 10, 2011 9:12 PM
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user 13727936
New York, NY
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"Our future prosperity in part depends on whether or not we are creating an environment in which folks can test new ideas, bring new products to market, and generate new businesses. And that’s not just a challenge for government. It’s a challenge that requires businesses, and leaders, and universities, [and] others to seek out new ways to promote entrepreneurship across this country."

—President Barack Obama, signing the Small Business Jobs Act, Sept. 27, 2010

America is recovering from one of the biggest recessions since the Great Depression. Our economy is in need of a revolution in the way it handles business, and how we interact with the rest of the world. We are a great nation of capitalists yet we have succumbed to the job driven society that we are in today. We teach our children to go to school, get good grades and then go to college so that they can get a good job. Today’s graduates have little to almost no opportunity in the saturated job market. What was once a dream, has become a nightmare for many Americans.

ZoiVi employs the multilevel marketing business model to deliver our products and services. We give the opportunity for people to not only grow and develop a company of entrepreneurs, but to develop themselves to become leaders in today's society. We empower our Independent Partners by teaching them the mindset of an employer, not an employee.

As health costs and health related illness rise, the American people are looking for an answer. The ZoiVi product line is focused on health and wellness. By providing an outlet for not only financial stability but health and wellbeing, we provide an environment where a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed.

Since we are a US based company, we are going to bring in business from other countries around the world, such as Mexico, Japan and Indonesia. Our products are developed, manufactured, shipped from the USA. We have a global reach with over 200 representatives to start and growing. We are focused on putting money back in an entrepreneur's pocket, give people an entrepreneur's advantage and opportunity and inspiration, without the high risk of running a business.

**Who We're Looking For**
Independent Partners to join our family and share our products with the world.

**Before You Go**
If you had to choose between health and wealth, which is more important to you? Now, what if you had the opportunity to have both, would you be interested in finding out more?

**Contact Information**
Individuals that want to know more about the ZoiVi opportunity, please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Serious inquiries only.

Richard Chen, Director

A former member
Posted Jan 22, 2011 2:54 PM
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Great product! I try to drink organic coffee as well but very difficult when you're out and about and just want to grab it off the street.

Bookmarked your website, I'll give it a try once I run out :)

Hi Everyone,

I distribute HEALTHY COFFEE, hot chocolate and green tea (with Organic Ganoderma/Reishi). If you google that herb, you will be AMAZED by the benefits...anti-aging,strengthened immune system, balanced PH,better sleep,etc. I offer retail prices, wholesale memberships, free wholesale memberships (for non-profits and healthcare practitioners) and business opportunities. The products are great! The popularity of coffee, makes this EVEN BETTER!

For more information, please visit my website HEALTHY COFFEE IN YOUR CUP! or call .

Look forward to hearing from you,


James Oh
Posted Feb 7, 2011 11:33 AM
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user 13962771
New York, NY
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Hi my name is James Oh and work for Cogent Communications. We are a Multinational Tier 1 Internet Service provider. We currently hold 19% of the worlds internet on our backbone. Below are some facts about Cogent in our lit buildings which we hold about 300 in NYC alone:

Cogent Communications Group (NASDAQ: CCOI)
-100% Dedicated/Non-oversubscribed/Non-shared Network
-Own and operate our own network
-Do not piggyback off of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.
-Lowest Priced Provider per Mbps
-Proactively monitor your circuit every minute
-24/7/365 support with an engineer
-Select Clients Include: NBC, YouTube, NYSE, Bank of America...

If you fit the need for new internet service, contact me for a quote. I would love the chance to work you in order to provide you with the best possible service and quality regarding bandwidth.
A former member
Posted Feb 24, 2011 7:55 PM
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For the past 11 years, Agency-Select has been providing a no-fee, personalized agency search service previously available only to the Fortune 100.

Our clients include start-ups, SMEs and NASDAQ-traded companies.

When companies are in need of a PR agency, advertising, marketing, digital media or branding agency, we do their homework for them, provide a short list based on our extensive research (we check references, form teams, etc.) and then walk our clients through the entire process from pitch calls to proposals and negotiating their contract.

We cover tech PR, health care, medical device, fashion, food & beverage, manufacturing -- everything b2b and b2c.

Our agency matches take place in NY, LA, SFO, Silicon Valley, Boston, Washington DC, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Africa -- we perform "marriages" in every city and country around the globe.

We save our clients 35-60 hours of research time, we get our clients a minimum of a $10K discount, we teach them what they physically own when they hire an agency -- and we monitor all accounts to be certain our clients are receiving all of the services for which they are paying.

We also tell companies when to save their budget and NOT hire an agency.

Our job is to create relationships -- and to protect our clients' interests.

We welcome you to call us for a half-hour, free consultation. Be in touch to set up an appointment through our site
A former member
Posted Mar 10, 2011 9:54 AM
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Hi everyone,

I run a creative agency that serves families. We have a studio in London and here in New York City. Essentially we do everything and anything creative for your family.

We help get those important family memories trapped in home videos and photos, we sorted and organize them into something more creative and enjoyable.
We produce original gift ideas or really cool creative films to be played at an event (belly laughter guaranteed)
When it comes to portraiture, we believe in a natural organic style of film and photography - shot on location at your home.

At last count, we had about 25 different creative and innovative ideas families can have done for them.


Hayden Judd

Architectural Imag...
Posted Mar 10, 2011 1:55 PM
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user 11852736
New York, NY
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Hi everyone, I am an architect with 13yrs of experience in the design & construction industry & have recently formed a new business Architectural Imagery.

Architectural Imagery is a design & visualization services company specializing in 3D Architectural Rendering & Digital Content suited to the needs of Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers, Construction & Legal professionals.

Forged from a synthesis of art, architecture, photography, & the latest digital technology, Architectural Imagery offers a range of creative high-quality solutions committed to effectively communicating your unique design or development goals.

Contact us & allow our experience to bring your imagination to vision..

Architectural Imagery Website

Our Specialties include:

•Photorealistic Architectural Renderings
Interior & Exterior visualizations for Commercial / Residential / Institutional

•3D Floor Plans / 3D Cross-Sections
Full color plans with accurate materials, lighting, & furnisings

•3D Construction Detailing / Shop Dwgs
Illustrate complex detail elements

•3D Schematic Design, Site Massing & Study Models
Evaluate & validate conceptual designs

•Space Planning / Interior Furnishings
Explore planning options with fixtures & furnishings

•Color & Material Selection Studies
Experiment with color & finish options

•Lighting Analysis
LEED certified daylight system & physically accurate interior lighting simulations

•Animations / Walk-thru or Aerial Fly-by
Experience a realistic first-hand virtual tour

•Virtual Reality 360° Panoramas
Fully interactive perspective view

•Architectural Accident-site Re-creation
Convincing visual courtroom presentations

Our Clients:

Architects / Interior Designers
-Analyze, explore, & illustrate your designs from concept to completion

Real Estate Brokers / Developers / Property Managers
-Attract investors & increase sales with a compelling marketing presentation

Contractors / Construction Professionals
-Avoid costly miscommunication by clearly conveying any proposed construction project

Home / Property Owners
-View the possibilities of your home renovation project

Theatre & Set Designers / Event & Exhibition Planners
-Shine the spotlight on your set / exhibit design

Legal Professionals
-Create a convincing visual case for courtroom presentations

View our Portfolio of Selected Works 2010:

Posted Mar 10, 2011 3:31 PM
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user 10809825
Clifton, NJ
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My name is Cher and I am in the process of starting up a custom gifts and information services business. My specialty is creating custom candles, scented soaps, gift baskets, decorative bath towels, promotional t-shirts, and decorative invitation/greeting cards. On the informational services area, I provide a link into properly submitting bid proposals to government agencies as well as each agencies functions and types of services they need. During the day, I'm a procurement agent within a County Government Agency. I look forward to assisting my fellow members who are interested in doing business with County Government agencies.
Liz Saldana
Posted Mar 11, 2011 3:39 PM
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user 14125376
New York, NY
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Hi Everyone!

I am a Real Estate professional with Bellmarc Realty focusing on residential real estate in New York. My goal is to grow my business while providing my clients with outstanding service using my expertise and skill, social media and traditional networking, new technology and Bellmarc's outstanding reputation in Manhattan for superior market intelligence and a full spectrum of services to buyers and sellers.

If you are, or someone you know is, considering buying or selling real estate in New York please contact me at x242.

Have a great day.

Liz Saldana
Kostastina Fotiou
Posted Mar 11, 2011 8:20 PM
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user 14222499
New York, NY
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I am Kostastina Fotiou, Director and Designer of Shared Solutions LLC, originally formed in 1998 in NYC, answering the cries of eager entrepreneurs seeking directions with their ideas and thoughts, together turning dreams into realities. Since we have expended now serving entrepreneurs and season business professional worldwide. We also bridged into connecting markets and opened sub divisions of our company which include Design and Marketing, International Employment Relocation, and Legal Advocates.

Shared Solutions LLC is the Talk of the Town, None can Compare, we are hand pick from all over the world, experts in our chosen fields. Visit us at www.sharedalternatives.com or call us at
Ralph Jeudy
Posted Mar 12, 2011 1:15 PM
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user 14229381
New York, NY
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My name is Ralph Jeudy. For more than a decade I have distinguished myself in the web design industry and as web developer, I truly believe that I have the key components to get what you need done and done right.

Highly trained and multi-disciplined in the business of the World Wide Web, my long list of repeat clients can serve as a true testament of my work. I have worked for over ten years in the field and professionally I strive to develop my skills on a daily basis as technology changes, in the hopes of serving my clients better with my expertise.

By working with you I can guarantee, outstanding, innovative ideas and a dependable turn-a-round time which have all been my mark in this industry. Receiving a plethora of positive feedback for the superb quality of service, I personally provide the type of service that is catered to your needs and that will work preferably to your advantage in all aspects of your business. To get your message across in the most efficient manner takes a carefully planned graphic design and corporate branding initiative, therefore I believe that I would be the best candidate for all of your web design needs. It is sometimes difficult to generate the outlook that your vision entails, thus I encourage you to let me help you make that vision a reality.
Professionally, I can develop fully functional, highly interactive web sites for entrepreneurs and companies using a wide range of experience and the latest web development technologies, I will focus on managing your web project from conceptualization and creation to full development and implementation.
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